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About the 19th Annual Gloria Award Winners

Gloria Award winners are selected internally by Program Officers and the Program Team for their commitment and achievements in the areas of social justice, reproductive freedom, and women's leadership. The Ms. Foundation celebrates these women’s efforts to move society closer to an inclusive and equitable democracy, which the Ms. Foundation seeks to create through its grant making initiatives and public education programs.

Each winner recieves a commemorative medallion and a $2,500 grant.

Woman of Vision Awards:


Ai-jen Poo, Lead Organizer and Founder, Domestic Workers United: Ai-jen works to build the power of the New York domestic workforce by raising the level of respect for domestic work, establishing fair labor standards, and helping to end worker exploitation.

Ai-jen Poo  image

Ai-jen Poo Profile


Vanessa Johnson, Leader of the National Women and AIDS Collective(NWAC): Vanessa was instrumental to the founding of NWAC, a coalition of Ms. Foundation grantees representing groups run by and for HIV-positive women. Through their strategy, NWAC aims to impact policy at the national level.

Vanessa Johnson image

Vanessa Johnson Profile


Marie C. Wilson Young Woman’s Leadership Award:


Ashley Nicole Tomlinson, 16-year-old activist from the Odyssey Youth Center in Spokane, WA. After participating in Odyssey’s legislative lobby day trip on comprehensive sexuality education, Ashley became inspired to change her life and her community. A former high school dropout, she is now getting straight A’s and hopes to become a state legislator herself one day.

Ashley Nicole Tomlinson image

Ashley Nicole Tomlinson Profile


Corporate Philanthropy Award: Citigroup, Inc. The company will be honored for its long-standing commitment to promoting women’s empowerment and economic justice.


Woman of Vision and Action Awards: Helen LaKelly Hunt and Swanee Hunt.  Sisters who, through their personal and visionary philanthropy, have inspired social change across the country.


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